Spin My Planet, aims to transform the way a user experiences photos. A “spin” is 2-20 photo frames, showcasing people, places and products. A user activates the spin using a simple swipe of a finger; for epic slow motion, standard rate, or fast playback in an enjoyable loop that progressively reduces speed. The photo app itself features capture mode; including burst, flash and ghost options, a global feed, as well as a spin bin, which allows users to find and share their creations.

In addition to posting spins within the social network, users are able to share their spins via text message and email, share their spins on other social media platforms, and even embed spins directly on their blog or website.

“Inspired by our youth who continue to drive innovation, Spin My Planet allows this interactive generation to communicate and share with feeling.“
- Michael Sosinski, Founder & CEO.

Spin My Planet is available for free on iOS and Android, in the App Store, or on Google Play.

Spin My Planet is headquartered in Los Angeles.